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~~~~ Yes we agree, these pages look unfinished and messy ~~~~

~~~~ Like our brains, they are in a permanent state of change and maintenance ~~~~


~~~~ How about a taste of the future ? ~~~~   

~~~~   Download the V1bes app for IOS or V1bes Doses for Android ~~~~

~~~~   Listen to some of our beta-testing stimulation files, ~~~~

~~~~   and imagine how your nervous system will react when they are ‘played’ as magnetic fields direct to the Vagus Nerve ~~~~

V1bes Doses App


~~~~ To better understand the brain, we first built our own sensors  ~~~~

~~~~  We made a revolutionary research ring which is measuring EMF, heart and brain ~~~~  

~~~~  Have a look at our presentation of it, the V1bes ring: ~~~~ 


~~~~ So who are we? ~~~~