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V1bes Ring for EEG & ECG

The V1bes Ring

The V1bes ring sensor is a wearable sensor, developed to measure, monitor and generate bio-signals.  The V1bes ring is using EEG-type measurement electronics with one measurement point (electrode) against the surface of the finger and the second electrode (silver pipe) against the measurement point.    The V1bes ring is currently in beta-testing phase.     The EEG biosignal recordings form the basis for the stimulation ‘doses’ that we use in the Vagus Nerve Stimulator.   They also enable us to personalize the stimulation.   By using biosignals, the vagus nerve apparently ‘gets tricked’ to better become modulated by our stimulation files and hence, have a better effect on for instance calming the mind.

V1bes Analytics App

The V1bes Analytics App is an Analytic Tool for EEG and ECG measurements with the V1bes Ring and feedback data when using the V1bes Vagus Nerve Stimulator.  It is to be used only with V1bes hardware and according to our recommendations.

The V1bes Ring is a biosignal recording device that collects ECG, EEG and EMF data from the users.  The analytics software gives detailed brain- and heart stress data to the user.   This same data is helping to personalize and adjust the dose-composition for the V1bes Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device.

The V1bes Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device is a low power magnetic fields and haptic stimulation device that activate’s  the vagus nerve.   This activation is modulating the body’s existing signals that travel between the brain, heart, and gut via the neck vagus nerve.

During beta-testing, data and analytic information from the V1bes Analytics App is shared between the user, the company and the company’s research partners who contribute to the development or the product.  Both parties (user and V1bes Inc. ) will have ownership of the user’s measured bio-signal data and information which he/she is contributing in the V1bes Analytics app.   The here mentioned parties may use the data and its conclusions freely for their own research, development and analyzing.   The user may opt to anonymize the data  that he or she has contributed.  This request shall be done in writing to the management of V1bes Inc.  The company will then delete personally recognizable data from the data files.

Medical Data

The company is domiciled in the United States and all data rights are in accordance with the data rights laws of the United States.   If the collected data is considered to be ‘medical data’, data storage and terms will abide with data protection regulation for this type of medical data.

Medical Device

The V1bes  Ring is NOT a medical devices and should not be used as such.

Research Tool

The V1bes Ring is used for research only and not available for consumer use.   We use it to evaluate the Vagus Nerve Stimulation device and yoga / meditation wellness practices in general.  Please contact us if you are interested in using it in your research.

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