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V1bes Vagus Meter

The V1bes Vagus Meter

The V1bes Vagus Meter is a wearable sensor, developed to measure, monitor and generate bio-signals.  The V1bes Vagus Meter is using EEG-type measurement electronics to analyze the electrical activity of the heart, neural and skin electrodermal activity.   The ECG biosignal recordings form the basis for the biofeedback which is used to determine stimulation ‘doses’ for the Vagus Nerve Stimulator.   They also enable us to personalize the stimulation.

V1bes Analytics App

The V1bes Analytics App is made for Android devices and used to collect and build specific test programs for EEG and ECG data.  All user saved data are stored in the cloud and used for R&D purposes.   Users have full right to access their own raw data.

The V1bes Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device is a low power magnetic fields and haptic stimulation device that activate’s  the vagus nerve.   This activation is modulating the body’s existing signals that travel between the brain, heart, and gut via the neck vagus nerve.

During beta-testing, data and analytic information from the V1bes Analytics App is shared between the user, the company and the company’s research partners who contribute to the development or the product.  Both parties (user and V1bes Inc. ) will have ownership of the user’s measured bio-signal data and information which he/she is contributing in the V1bes Analytics app.   The here mentioned parties may use the data and its conclusions freely for their own research, development and analyzing.   The user may opt to anonymize the data  that he or she has contributed.  This request shall be done in writing to the management of V1bes Inc.  The company will then delete personally recognizable data from the data files.

Medical Data

If the collected data is considered to be ‘medical data’, data storage and terms will abide with the country jurisdiction where data is stored and mutually agreed.

Medical Device

The V1bes Vagus Meter is NOT a medical devices and should not be used as such.

Research Tool

The V1bes Vagus Meter is used for research only and available for consumer use only for persons approved to our Vagus Stimulation Beta Program.    Please contact us if you are interested in using it in your research.

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