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Vagus Health Diagnostics

Our Vagus Health Diagnostic sensors are non-invasive, wearable sensors developed to measure, monitor and store bio-signals in real time.   The Vagus Health Dignostics utilize ECG, EEG and other biodata input.

The Diganostics feedback can be used to determine our Vagus Nerve Stimulation parameters.   They also enable us to personalize the stimulation.

Medical Data

Vagus Health Ltd data collection, storage and safety is fully GDPR compliant and any possible individual medical data records are stored according to national regulations and rules.

Medical Device

The Vagus Health Ltd products are NOT medical devices and should not be used as such.

Vagus Health Ltd is starting medical trials in 2019.  Please contact Vagus Health Ltd if you are interested in participating.  They will be located in UK, France and Finland.

Research Tool

The V1bes Vagus Meter is used for research only and available for consumer use only for persons approved to our Vagus Stimulation Beta Program.    Please contact us if you are interested in using it in your research.

All our devices are patent pending.