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V1bes ring for recording your brainwaves and use them for brain stimulation

The main use-case for the V1bes ring is to record brainwave data from various brainstates.   This data can then be used in the M1ndblower.  

v1bes ring

When used alone it is a great tool for stress management

In order to monitor stress levels and train to relax, you need to monitor you stress levels.

With our short test-programs you get simple feedback from doing EEG, ECG and surround tests.   They show how you develop your relaxations and which places are harmful to you.

To make a complete stress test you need to first do a location test to understand the environment EMF pollution, then the brainwave test tosee you mental stress level and finally heart-rate stress test to establish.  From these three tests we will give our viewpoint of your general stress-status.   The feedback can be like following:


A) Mental stress (EEG)

How to wear the ring:  Keep the ring on the right hand index finger.   Rest the silver antenna against the forehead right above eyebrows as shown in the picture.

EEG ANALYZE GK BEF YOGABrainwave measurement position kopiera



A) Physical stress, measured from the heart rate variability (ECG)

How to wear the ring:  Keep the ring on the left or right hand index finger.   Hold the silver antenna between the other hands thumb and index finger as in the picture.  If you cannot relax your muscles and you can see that the signal is unstable, then keep the hand as a ball and place the other hand above it as shown.

Heart rate kopiera



c) Molecular stress (EMF pollution)

How to wear the ring:  When you make the test with the ring, place it on your right hand index finger.   Then hold you hand straight up in the air above your hand.  Press surround test.

V1bes stand in women hand pointing

2) Electromagnetic pollution awareness

EMF, electromagnetic fields can cause stress and be harmful in a number of ways.   Roughly 5% of the worlds population consider themselves electro-sensitive.  Strong electrical fields harm their life quality.   We analyze how  powerful the very low frequencies are in your surrounding.  V1bes does it both by analyzing how your body absorbs these fields and then then standalone sensor can give ‘absolute’ levels comparable to other places and situations.   When measured with the ring, the field measurement is influenced by your own physiology so these can change if your body ‘changes’.

3) Self-diagnostics and health data collection

Increasingly people are interested evaluate and store their own health data.  V1bes enables this.

4) Fun & Games

Muscle competition

Muscle Test Competition feedback Samsung kopieraBiceps Muscle Test kopiera

The muscle app is our equivalent of the ‘Tivoli sledghammer’ competition.  Test and see who has the strongest biceps.

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The V1bes team participated in the 2014 Nokia Sensing X Challenge Competition.   Nokia Sensing X-Challenge

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