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V1bes Vagus Stimulator

Information for V1bes Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device, BETA-USERS:

The V1bes Vagus Nerve stimulation device is a bluetooth hardware which induces dynamic magnetic fields, vibration and sound on the surface of the neck area to activate the vagus nerve.    This activation is modulating the body’s existing signals that travel between the brain, heart, and gut via the neck vagus nerve.   This modulation helps the brain and nervous system to relax, focus or energize.  There is also ample scientific evidence that this type of vagus stimulation improves the immune system response.

V1bes signals are enhanced when the magnetic stimulation program also is using so-called binaural- and/or isochronic frequency principles between right and left side vagus nerve stimulation.

The Vagus Stimulation Device is intended for lifestyle use at home, work, or in wellness applications to temporarily help the user to achieve mental relaxation or increased energy levels.

The V1bes Doses App is a stimulation file ‘player’  for the V1bes Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device.

The device and app is in beta-testing, to be used only by those who have received devices for testing from us.     The app is to be used only with V1bes hardware and in accordance with our recommendations.   In IOS systems please look for V1bes Inc. when searching for the V1bes doses app.  In Android it is found by searching for V1bes Doses.

We recommend 1-3 doses per day for at least one week.   Maximum daily dosage should be limited to 2 hours.   Each dose is 20-60min minutes long.    We do not recommend to use it if you are pregnant, if you suffer from a heart disease, have a pacemaker or have any other neuromodulation or electrical/electronic implant.

The V1bes stimulation device is NOT a medical device and should not be used at such. 

It is a wellness device not to be confused with medical grade vagus nerve stimulation devices which use higher power magnetic fields to influence the nervous system by triggering  the vagus nerves to fire.

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